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DAT Load Board for Truckers

If you subscribe to DAT MembersEdge, then you also get access to DAT Load Board for Truckers, the most powerful mobile app for owner-operators, carriers, and dispatchers.

The Android app lets you search through the 120,000 loads posted to DAT MembersEdge every day. Plus, you get tools you won’t find on any other mobile app. Just download the app in the Google Play Store and log in with the same info you use to log into DAT MembersEdge.

  • Learns how you work – App remembers your preferences so you save time
  • See up to 500 results at once – No need to thumb through pages
  • Save matches to call later
  • Sort search results by offer rate
  • Broker reviews and credit scores
  • Spot market rates for lanes you search (depending on your DAT subscription)
  • Remembers lanes you recently searched
  • Post your available truck so that brokers find you

Google Play App Store

NOTE: DAT Load Board for Truckers for iPhone or iPad is still in the works. Apple users can get the mobile version of the load board by logging in at using your smartphone’s browser (just like you would to visit any other website).

DAT Trucker

Not a DAT MembersEdge subscriber yet? Want to test us out first? Download our free DAT Trucker app, which lets you search for nearby loads based on your location. It lets you see a sample of some of the loads you can find on DAT MembersEdge, but not all 120,000 daily loads.

Even if you’re already a DAT One (Formerly TruckersEdge) subscriber, you can use DAT Trucker to find what you need on the road:

  • Truck stops
  • Rest areas
  • Walmart locations
  • Service stations
  • Trucker-friendly hotels
  • Diesel prices
  • CAT scales
  • and more…

Google Play App Store 

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