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When it comes to getting a fair rate for your trucks, knowing your costs per mile is only half of it. Knowing how much other truckers are getting paid on the same lanes gives you negotiating power. You make sure that you’re making as much money as you can, plus you can see which lanes might make it hard for you to cover your costs.

DAT MembersEdge Enhanced subscribers get broker spot market rates included in every load search – for just $76.50/month. So even if a broker doesn’t post how much the load pays, you’ll see how much other loads on the same lane have paid on average for the past 30 days.

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Why Are These Rates More Accurate than Other Load Boards?

The average rate that you see in DAT MembersEdge isn’t based on bid rates or asking prices – only what truckers have actually gotten paid on the 68,000 lanes that we track. Also, when we come up with the average rate, we don’t include the top 25% or the bottom 25% of that range. That gets rid of outliers and gives you a more accurate number to help with your negotiations.

How Do We Get the Rates?

Hundreds of companies send us more than $150 billion in real transactions. We get the rates right after they’ve been confirmed by the carrier and brokers. DAT MembersEdge does not set the prices. We just report what companies have paid carriers to cover loads.

Who Sends the Rates?

Companies send us their rates confidentially so that they can see how they’re doing compared to everybody else. Any rates we put in the load board have to have at least 3 contributions so that no one company can figure out another company’s rates. It also keeps anyone from having too much influence on the rates we report.

How Does That Turn Into the Numbers in the Load Board?

The number you see on the load board is the average rate on that lane for the past 30 days, based on the type of truck you’re looking to load.

Need more current rates than that? Both DAT One (Formerly DAT Power) load board and our standalone freight rates tool, DAT RateView, offer spot market rates based on 7-day or 15-day averages.

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