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4 Nov 16

Back in May, we asked small carriers and owner-operators if they had made the switch over to electronic logbooks. Less than 2% of the people who responded said that they've switched since the ELD mandate was passed. Most said that they’d wait until they’re forced to switch in December 2017, while others said that they were shopping around. But when it comes time to get one, how do you know the ELD you’re buying will be compliant?

Results from a DAT survey

Last month, Fleet Owner posted a Q&A with the FMCSA’s Bill Quade. He addressed the fact that there aren’t many certified ELDs yet, and that some of the companies that make ELDs are waiting to find out how they can make sure that the devices meet the requirements.

From Fleet Owner:

Quade likened the self-certification process to that used by the auto industry, where manufacturers do their own testing and the government issues recalls if problems are discovered later, and so FMCSA will not be conducting regular audits of vendors.

The FMCSA's Web Services system is supposed to let vendors self-certify their products, but that system hasn't been set up yet. Even without that, Quade said that the ELD mandate would start as scheduled. If a truck’s ELD is found to be non-compliant after December 2017, the carrier gets a one-time notice. If it happens again, the truck will be placed out of service, and the carrier has just eight days to get a new ELD.


Have you started shopping yet? Have you run into problems? Let us know in the comments.

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Laure Nagle
Laure Nagle

Starting to shop around, but finding that the providers are not certified.


Kenny L March
Kenny L March

Will not use a ELD. Hopefully with a less socialists administration this useless overly burdensome law will get overturned.


This left law will rid the owner operators of a job
We have no leverage to get loaded in a timely manner.   and cannt  get payed any detention
We need stop this control of the small man


I'm waiting until I am forced to make the change. Been shopping around and have found none certified as of yet. I'm not going to spend the cash to install the system only to be told  it's non-compliant and have to spend more to replace it.


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