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1 Nov 16

The top states for Christmas trees are Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina. If you look at the Hot Market Map below for flatbed, you can see that Christmas tree shipments are well underway in those first four states. 

Just the Spokane, WA, market alone had more than 3,000 flatbed loads posted on Tuesday. Some of those load posts could have been brokers reposting loads because they couldn't get them covered, but either way it means that brokers are having a hard time finding trucks. That gives you a great chance at finding a good-paying load.

The darker areas of the map have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning there's less competition for flatbed loads

You don't necessarily have to have a flatbed trailer to haul Christmas trees either. Dry van also works, though we’ve heard that in some places the shippers put ice in the trailer to keep the trees fresh. Other shippers prefer to use reefers.

A couple things to consider if you’re going to haul Christmas trees: For one, you’re probably gonna have a mess in your trailer. Also, loading and unloading will likely take longer, depending on how they’re packing the trees, and you might have to make multiple drops.

It’s potentially a lot of hard work, too, since you’re probably picking the trees up at a farm or some other place that doesn't have a loading dock. Be sure to get the specifics when you call on a load and take all that into account when negotiating a rate.


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Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson

2015 ram 3500 and a 28' gooseneck tr.
I have plans for the 15th thur 20th of this mo.
Going to Hilton head,I can take a load down there as I go if you have one going that way ,
                           Thank you,
                                   Donald Wilson



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