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Sep 15

DAT is inching close to the big 4-0. We're turning 39 next year, nearly four decades of pioneering load boards like DAT TruckersEdge. Our own Sandy Cahill chatted with Tom "Buck" Ballard of about the history of load boards and how truckers use information from them to run a profitable business.

"The way I see it, DAT is the iTunes of Load Boards." – Tom "Buck" Ballard,

Show Topics Include:

  • Who posts loads on load boards? It’s not just brokers
  • Free load boards vs paid load boards
  • Defining spot rates and how to use them to make more money
  • LTL freight and hot shot freight – both are in an upward trend
  • Building relationships
  • Negotiating with shippers and brokers covers a variety of topics for truckers, and Buck is committed to helping drivers any way he can by sharing stories, helpful tips and advice for truckers on the road. Be sure to check it out. We hope you enjoy this episode and learn a few new things about DAT!

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