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Sep 12

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so we're sharing different ways that carriers, brokers, and shippers can show appreciation and respect to drivers year-round.

Respect the Driver’s Time

When we surveyed carriers and owner-operators earlier this year about detention times, 63% of them said that they typically spend more than 3 hours waiting for shippers and receivers to get them loaded and unloaded. That's disrespectful to the driver's time. Even an extra 15 minutes held up at a loading dock or stuck in traffic can be the difference between a driver getting home to family or being stuck in the sleeper cab another night.

Drivers take extra care in managing their hours-of-service (HOS) and mandatory breaks so they can avoid situations like that. There might not be anything you can do about the traffic, but shippers and receivers can help by not detaining drivers any longer than necessary when loading and unloading the truck or counting product. Or if the driver is detained longer than the standard two hour grace period, compensate them for their time. Just like yours, the driver’s time is valuable.

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