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Sep 13

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so we're sharing different ways that carriers, brokers, and shippers can show appreciation and respect to drivers year-round.

Driver Pay

Overdrive Magazine recently asked truckers what they disliked most about their job. The top answer was regulations, with a lack of respect coming in at number 2 and driver pay at number 3.

We mentioned one way to show drivers more respect yesterday. Supporting organizations like OOIDA, which fights for the rights of professional drivers, is one way to address trucking regulations. And since drivers are often the ones responsible for staying compliant with government rules like hours of service (HOS), their pay should reflect that responsibility.

Drivers tend to stay with companies that show that their work is appreciated, and driver retention is a key concern for carriers. Truck drivers have unique skill sets, and with the shortage of new drivers entering the industry, those skills are increasingly rare in today’s work force. That's why they deserve to be well-compensated for the specialized services that they provide, whether that means getting paid by the hour or by the mile.

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