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3 Aug 05

Along with the Coleman Trail Tamer 360 ATV, DAT TruckersEdge is also giving away more than $9,000 worth of prizes from Cabela's.

Jul 06

Last week the biggest changes in freight rates were on shorter regional lanes. That got us thinking -- how many of you stick to shorter lanes? How many of you try to get as many loaded miles as possible?

2 Jun 20

Finding a place to park your rig is a pain, whether it's finding a place where you won't get hassled or just getting off the road because you're running out of hours. Or even more important: Finding a spot that's safe.

2 Jun 07

Your truck is your livelihood, and when yours starts creeping towards the million mile mark, it’s easy to get blindsided by an engine that gives up on you. Keep an eye out for these warning signs, and you’ll avoid getting stuck on the side of the road.

4 May 26

How many of you have vacation plans from June 7-9? That's when this year's Roadcheck vehicle inspection blitz is happening all across the country, and in the past, a lot of small carriers and owner-operators have taken those days off rather than deal with the hassle. [More]

Apr 27

Are you wasting time behind the wheel, looking for a parking spot? Want to know where the cheapest fuel is? Need to find a service station? You can use the free DAT Trucker mobile app to take care of all three at once, plus much more.

Apr 25

When we talk about planning your work week, we tend to focus on rates. Obviously, there's a lot more that goes into planning how you run your business. For example, how many nights a week do you want to spend at home?