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Vickie Roberts is a 30-year veteran of the transportation industry and is currently the Senior VP of Operations at Truckers Solution.

As you operate your fleet day-to-day, the Truckers Solution’s team provides you with cost-saving services for fuel, tires, insurance and more, allowing you to take advantage of discounts through the buying power of many. They can also help with any question you have about the day-to-day operations of running a trucking company -- no question is too small or too trivial. or 1-855-241-6001

1 Sep 27

Tire breakdowns represent 25% of all breakdowns for over-the-road trucking. That leads to messed up delivery schedules and the loss of driving hours, plus the safety concern for the driver stranded on the side of the interstate.

1 Aug 02

Many new trucking companies close their doors within the first year of operation. Why? There are a few of the common mistakes that I’ve seen owner-operators and small carriers make, and as a result I’ve seen a huge number of them close their doors before their first anniversary.