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Ralph Galantine is the founding product manager for the DAT RateView product line. He brings an economics background and analytical focus to the transportation industry. Ralph holds an MA in Economics from University of Chicago, where he focused on Econometrics and Economic History. Before joining DAT Solutions, Ralph was responsible for product management for the Java software platform and worked in a variety of roles delivering software development tools.

Mar 29

You can make more money and turn a so-so week into a really good one, by planning your routes in advance. Here are two basic rules for route planning, plus a couple of examples and some free tools, to get you started.

Sep 21

Most DAT Load Boards include spot market rates for the lanes you’re searching. That rate isn’t always what the broker quotes when you make a call, though. Aside from the broker just trying to increase his or her profit margins, here are three reasons why you might have been quoted a different rate.