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MarkMAs a mathematician and statistician, Mark Montague has spent decades developing and implementing consistent, market-driven rate structures for transportation companies. Mark was instrumental in developing the dynamic, spot market rates database and analysis tools in DAT RateView (formerly Truckload Rate Index.) Prior to joining DAT in 2009, Mark applied his expertise in logistics, rates and routing as a logistics manager and analyst for carriers, 3PLs and shippers. Mark holds an MBA in Transportation Management from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.
43 Mar 25

There are still a few hundred lanes where rates are under $1.00 per mile. If you can't avoid 'em, be sure to make good money on the headhaul. Here are some ways to stay profitable, even when rates are low.

15 Sep 21

When negotiating with freight brokers, a little preparation and a brief discussion can help you to create a win-win. Do your research, communicate your goals directly, and respect their time.