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Don Thornton is DAT Solutions' Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development. He has more than 30 years experience in transportation technology and sales. Before joining DAT in 2001, Don served as vice president of business development and technology at Market Transport in Portland, Oregon. He has also worked in sales and operations for large companies including Lockheed Martin, IBM and Wynd Communications.

14 Mar 11

The trucking industry recently got some attention in the New York Times. In an opinion piece titled "Long-Haul Sweatshops," authors Anne Balay and Mona Shattel argue that low driver wages and poor working conditions have created a crisis for the trucking industry.

Jan 28

Getting held up at the dock is expensive. The more time you spend waiting to get loaded or unloaded, the less you spend driving. And no detention fee is going to make up for running out of hours or missing your next load.