Don't Risk Getting Put Out of Service

Don't risk being stranded at an inspection station for not having an electronic logging device (ELD). 

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Saving Time = Saving Money

ELDs and Fleet Management Systems let you go paperless and automate your fleet compliance, and offer a number of advantages:

  • Editable E-Logs
  • Better CSA scores – Avoid form and manner violations
  • Paperless IFTA
  • Automated Compliance

Let's say you currently spend 20 minutes a day filling out paper HOS and duty status reports. That's more than 86 hours a year that you could've spent driving instead of doing paperwork.

You could make $7,800 more per year by getting rid of that paperwork (based on 2,000 loaded miles per week at $1.80/mile).

Record of Safety

Most HOS fines are for form and manner violations. In other words, someone just decided that they didn't like the way you filled something out. E-logs get rid of form and manner violations, which will improve your CSA scores.

Compete with the Big Fleets

With ELDs and Fleet Management Systems designed for small carriers, you can get the same tools used by the big fleets. Fleet Management Systems that track engine data give you more control over your costs.

  • Fuel reports
  • Eliminate out-of-route miles
  • See the most fuel-efficient routes
  • Save money on safety violations and lost time for inspections

How to Protect Your Privacy

For owner-operators who are worried about being tracked, there are still ways to protect your privacy. 

  • It's against the law for carriers, brokers, or anyone else to use ELDs to harass drivers
  • DOT and FMCSA won’t know where your truck is – only authorized employees with the trucking company can view ELD data to pinpoint a vehicle 
  • Whenever a vehicle is used for personal reasons, the carrier will only know the 10-mile radius of where the truck is

ELD Solution

  • Driver-friendly e-logs
  • Affordable ELDs
  • Easiest way to stay legal
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